Established in 2007, Seawings LLC is a seaplane tour operator, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Our business began with our passion for flight and the UAE’s maritime history. We launched with the goal to create a new and unique aerial sightseeing experience in the Emirates.

Our vision is to give our guests a bird’s eye view of the UAE's diverse natural beauty; the coastline, creeks, islands, mountains and desert and its extraordinary cityscapes.

Our services include scenic flights, customised excursions, MICE corporate packages and exclusive aircraft charters. Offering up to 36 flights per day, and providing a variety of tour options, Seawings caters to the needs of individuals, groups, corporates, tourists and residents.

We operate regular aerial tours in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our most popular tour is our award-winning Seawings Silver flight which takes in all of Dubai’s world-famous icons.

Complementing our aerial scenic tours and exclusive charter flights is a suite of bespoke lifestyle tours and excursions
We fly across the Emirates and Oman, with 25 landing hubs that include water locations and international airports.

Today with a fleet of three aircrafts and more than 60 staff, Seawings is proud to be the only seaplane tour operator in the Middle East.

Over the last decade we have flown more than 180,000 guests.

“Seawings in partnership with dmg events has offered 50% discount. To book your Seawings experience you can contact 04 807 0708 or reservations@seawings.ae

For further information please contact:
Vandana Lalla
Manager - Business Planning and Audit
Phone: +971 50 6582784
Tel: +9714 8070708
Email: corpcom@seawings.ae Website: www.seawings.ae