ABOUT Equipment Tools for Professionals (Woodworking Series)

Woodworking Series was published since 2000 and is over 80 A4 format color pages in volume. The circulation figures are 6,000 copies and present on the website.
Woodworking series - 4 issues a year.

Distribution of the magazine:

o about 2,000 - subscription (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus)
o 3,000 - presentations at specialized exhibitions, conferences and workshops in Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Belarus, Italy
o 1,000 - direct mailing (advertising and on request)

Target groups:

Management and leading specialists in forestry, woodworking, furniture, doors, windows, wood construction and bioenergy, enterprises producing and dealing in equipment, accessories and tools, research officers, university teachers and students.

Main rubrics:

 Bioenergetics, biofuel
 Primary wood processing
 Furniture production and technologies
 Wood processing in building
 Tools
 Wood drying and covering process
 Utilization, ecology and economy of energy

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W www.informdom.com