Kitchen hardware trends are sometimes overlooked – Cabinet handles, faucets, knobs, and pulls all play an important role in designing a kitchen. Designers and manufacturers need to make sure kitchen hardware finishes and colours create a beautiful contrast against other trending materials.

Here are 10 kitchen hardware trends that will go hand in hand with overall kitchen design trends.

Matte black: Matte black was very popular in 2018, and it will continue to be used in kitchens in the coming year. Many designers opt for matte black for kitchen faucets as well as cabinet handles and knobs. It gives the kitchen a sleek and sophisticated look and feel.

Gold: Gold hardware, faucets and light fixtures are all the hype in contemporary kitchens. They are trendy and are used for both dark and white cabinetry. They offer a beautiful contrast on dark surfaces and add a touch of luxury to any kitchen design.

Champagne gold: This is a very soft, metallic colour that is gaining in popularity. Unlike gold, it gives an airier and more feminine feel to any kitchen. It pairs well with white cabinets and countertops.

Copper: Copper has been a favourite amongst interior designers for some time. It will continue to trend throughout 2019, and it can be used for cabinet hardware, faucets, light fixtures and drawer handles.

White marble with metal accents: Marble is a timeless material and is increasing in popularity in home decor.

Its elegant look can truly enhance any kitchen setting, and designers are using white marble with metallic accents for cabinet and drawer handles.

Weathered finishes: Weathered finishes are primarily used for rustic and farmhouse kitchen styles to give a warm and charming feel to kitchens.

They will be very popular in the coming year as the farmhouse style is trending. Weathered hardware include weathered nickel, brass, bronze, etc.

Polished brass: Although polished brass tends to have a traditional look, it is also used in farmhouse-style kitchens.

Since the latter is a very trendy kitchen style, polished brass hardware is becoming more and trendier, too.

Oversized pulls: Oversized cabinet and drawer pulls are becoming more and trendier, especially against dark cabinetry. They add an elegant touch to the overall look of a kitchen, plus they are very functional.

Mixed hardware: Mixing and matching cabinet handles and knobs is very trendy as it adds visual interest to a kitchen. You can use one style of kitchen hardware for upper cabinets and another style for lower cabinets, and you can use different styles for drawers, too.

You can even mix finishes if you want to try something bold, or you can stick to the same finish to be on the safe side.

Refrigerator handles: You no longer have to be stuck with boring, stainless steel refrigerator handles. Using handles that match the rest of the kitchen hardware is a popular trend that will be prevalent in 2019.

Source: 2020 Spaces

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