To choose the top five places in Dubai that have the best interior design is a hard decision, there is a wide variety of design styles in the UAE, specifically in the ever so innovative Dubai, and to top it off, there are different categories of places to choose from (commercial, hospitality, retail…). In this article, I am going talk about MY favorite interior design places of the selected categories below:

1. Café Design: SIKKA Café

SIKKA Café, located in City Walk, has been my favorite for the past couple of months for its unique interior and atmosphere. 

Its design is related to its name, which means ‘alleyway’ in Arabic. Looking at the feature wall it might look like someone went around an old local neighborhood, searched between the alleyways to find those traditional pieces, collected and randomly placed them on the wall. But in fact, it is very well composed all together! The kind of ancient pieces displayed are various yet they all blend together creating a locally inspired interior showcasing the rich traditional antiquity of Dubai.

The bamboo ceiling is a clever choice, with the pendant bulbs on top of the bar to create a balance between ethnicity and modernism. The flooring is another interesting blend of random designs consisting of Arabic decorative tiles and rough concrete. 

If you look closely you would notice that the style of furniture chosen is very diverse, you can find fully upholstered sofas, upholstered armchairs, wooden chairs, cane chairs, and leather stools all with different finishes yet the whole place is perfectly unified together. 

Photo source: Sikka Dubai, www.sikkadubai.ae

Photo source: Sikka Dubai, www.sikkadubai.ae

Photo source: Sikka Dubai, www.sikkadubai.ae

2. 3-Star Hotel: Rove Hotels 

When it comes to budget hotels, in my opinion, Rove hotels have been demanding the market of budget 
hotels in Dubai lately. I have recently visited all the Rove branches in Dubai.

What makes it unique is how interactive, engaging and fresh the design is, the storytelling concept that is emerging in the hotel design; and the casual layout and furniture selection that makes the visitors feels at ease.

An inviting lobby area that changes the idea of arrival experience. In all the different Rove branches, you walk into a prominent wall installation defines the hotel’s unique artworks. 

In the lobby lounge, Rove has a standard creative wall which consists of a selection of framed artworks and quirky accessories showing elements from both Dubai’s culture/history and interpreting it through contemporary installations.

The stenciled shipping containers placed in the space is another addition to the uniqueness of the design! some have funky messages in both English and Arabic, as well as the signboards of the area placed on the wall help to engage the guests in the experience furthermore.

Photo source: www.capsulearts.com/rove-hotels/

Photo source: www.capsulearts.com/rove-hotels/

Photo source: www.capsulearts.com/rove-hotels/

Photo source: www.capsulearts.com/rove-hotels/

3. 5-Star Hotel: Renaissance Downtown Hotel 

The design inspiration is driven from the Arabic desert and implemented in a contemporary approach.

This inspiration can be touched through the interior, through the wavy design elements inspired by the sand dunes, the gold finishes, and the ‘camel’ theme.

The guestroom design combined both style and elegance. A mild touch of boldness while keeping the room minimal and inviting. Minimal furniture selection, neutral color palette, a bold choice of solid tree trunk for the desk top and a exclusive floor lamp, topped with the camel sculpture made the room design standout.

The main feature in the lobby is the chandelier, which was custom-made of hand-blown glass in a shape that is inspired by a sand dune.

The material selection overall is very clever, starting from the raw wood to the concrete adding a soft touch of gold throughout the whole interior of the hotel.

Photo source: www.marriott.com/hotels/hotel-photos/dxbbb-renaissance-downtown-hotel-dubai/

Photo source: www.marriott.com/hotels/hotel-photos/dxbbb-renaissance-downtown-hotel-dubai/

4. Asian Restaurant: Miss Tess

Miss Tess is located at Taj Hotel in Business Bay and is one of the most outstanding Asian restaurants in Dubai. The ‘Asian street-food’ experience starts as soon as you arrive at the reception. You start noticing graffitied walls, brick walls, rustic finishes, a colorful furniture selection and topped with a wide range of bold accessories placed randomly. Things like a motorbike and a tuk-tuk, which makes it easy for you to imagine yourself walking in the streets of Bangkok.

At the dining area, the double volume wood panels made the area feel more spacious. The panels are in different sizes and patterns, some are colored, some have artwork, some are solid, and some are open. This randomness with the ceiling decorated with red ribbons and light bulb chains emphasize on the street theme experience.

The design was strongly reflected in the menu design as well as table accessories.

Photo source: www.timeoutdubai.com

Photo source: www.taj.tajhotels.com/en-in/taj-dubai/restaurants/miss-tess/

Photo source: www.timeoutdubai.com

5. Middle Eastern Restaurant: Khan Murjan Restaurant

A place that makes you feel you are somewhere else is defiantly a well-designed place! The design style of Khan Murjan Souk-located in Wafi Mall might not be my favorite style but walking into that space always makes me forget that I am in Dubai.

Walking in Khan Murjan Souk leaves with an authentic impression and sensation with all the Mashrabiya windows design and wood works, leading you to the heart of the souk where Khan Murjan restaurant is located.

The design of the space is inspired by the traditional Middle Eastern courtyard houses with a massive ceiling height providing light and making the space feel more inviting. Looking around you will notice the existence of Arabic historic tiles and patterns, arches from ancient Arab-Islamic architecture, wooden balcony shutters, and traditional water wheels taking you back to the 14th century.

Photo source: www.travelzad.com

Photo source: www.travelzad.com

Photo source: www.travelzad.com

In interior design, every spec serves a purpose, which is to 
                                                                                                      tell a story, 
                                                                                                                express an emotion, 
                                                                                                                                     set a standard!

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