Born from the idea of a group of passionate young people and designers, whose aim is to recognize and enhance the huge value of this work, sometimes underestimated, theinteriordesign.it is first a reference website for editorial content, and then an online showcase for young talents.

From this passion was born Spazio TID, a physical place just outside Milan, where bespoke design and the continuous search for new talents are the engine that circulate creativity and innovation, allowing the meeting between supply and demand in a simple direct and transparent way.

Photo Source: The Interior Design Spazio

A showroom born after years of observation into the universe of design, a place where you can meet professionals and design enthusiasts in person showing them unique objects and furniture accessories self-produced by a nascent generation of designers.

Photo Source: The Interior Design Spazio

Although nowadays everything moves online and with increasing speed and frenzy, it is difficult to buy online an important piece to furnish your space, as it is a choice that needs a multi-sensory visual and tactile experience, based on an interlocutory relationship able to enhance needs and personality.

Photo Source: The Interior Design Spazio

For this reason, from a digital showcase to a showroom, the step was simple, if not inevitable. 
Over 1000 square meters, just outside the Italian capital of design, for what can be called a micro design district. An innovative and multi-faceted location built from the ashes of an old company of prints and plaques, of which old tools have been recovered and stored to preserve the link with the past.

Photo Source: The Interior Design Spazio

Characterized by an essential style and by the use of neutral colors, it takes full advantage of the dimensions and proportions to host a wide range of design products, artworks, creative projects, furnishings and interior and exterior accessories. The proposal not only intends to touch and explore the entire landscape of archi-design, but also to change continuously, enriching itself with new "discoveries" and other "revelations".

Photo Source: The Interior Design Spazio

Because behind every proposed piece there is a research and selection that aims to offer the top of the Made in Italy and international sector. Spazio TID is also not limited to hosting an exhibition. It goes further. Welcomes and invites authors and lovers of the world of art and design to participate and contribute to events, meetings, debates, moments of confrontation and dialogue.

Photo Source: The Interior Design Spazio

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