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Inaugural Edition of Middle East Design and Hospitality Week visited by more than 35,000 industry professionals

Monday 30 September 2019

The first edition of Middle East Design and Hospitality Week (MEDHW) 2019 welcomed over 35,000 visitors from over 110 countries at Dubai World Trade Centre from 17th to 19th September. The Hotel Show Dubai, The Leisure...

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Sunday 29 September 2019

What is sustainable furniture? There are many other terms to describe it, as you can call it eco-friendly, better for the planet, or environmentally safe. These terms may be better at defining what it is than the term...


Online furniture market: Adapting to the demanding consumers of tomorrow

Wednesday 31 July 2019

Digitisation and the Internet are also making increasing inroads into the furniture and home accessories sector. As a result, the demands of customers when buying furniture have also changed enormously.


The Coolest Ways the Furniture Industry Is Using 3D Printing

Wednesday 03 July 2019

3D printing started out as a relatively limited technique used primarily for creating prototypes and components.

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Middle East Design and Hospitality Week to Set Stage for Multimillion-Dollar Growth predicted

Wednesday 12 June 2019

International events company dmg events has announced that Middle East Design and Hospitality Week (MEDHW), comprising of seven prestigious design and hospitality events, will take place from 17th – 19th September 2019 at...


Kitchen Hardware Trends To Keep In Mind For Your Next Project

Thursday 30 May 2019

Kitchen hardware trends are sometimes overlooked – Cabinet handles, faucets, knobs, and pulls all play an important role in designing a kitchen.


Eco-Friendly Furniture Manufacturing

Monday 29 April 2019

Many companies that produce environmentally friendly furniture enjoy commercial success. In addition to sustainability, end customers appreciate quality and good design, and they are happy to pay more for it.

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Top 3D printed furniture projects to draw inspiration from

Sunday 31 March 2019

3D printing are also seen now in homes, open spaces or even parks and streets. From chairs, tables, stools to sofas, there is no shortage of initiatives! Designers and manufacturers use 3D printing technologies to increase...


Trend agencies in the furniture industry

Sunday 03 March 2019

How can furniture manufacturers know which colours, forms and themes will be popular in future living worlds? Trend agencies look for answers, have astonishingly effective methods for finding them.

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Is 'vegan leather' a sustainable alternative to animal leather?

Thursday 31 January 2019

Increasing concerns about animal welfare as well as conservation brings the transition from usage of animal leather to faux leather. Only in the twentieth century did significant changes start to appear. Referring to the French...

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